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The Top Performer

Author Name: Prashant Dixit | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

You are fired when you are least expecting it.

Do you know you are the last one to know if your name is on the list to fire?

You just get a call and it’s over. All your responsibilities all of a sudden feel too heavy and your knees go weak. 

Even today, while you hold this book, can you guarantee the no one is thinking to let you go?

Sounds scary? It’s an ugly reality. Unless you are a performing asset, the above statements can be true for you any moment.

What is the solution? 

Work just enough to ensure you are not on list OR 

Be a rock-solid performer and the company shall need you more than you need the company! 

“How do I act? Where shall I focus? How can I achieve this?”

Take The Top Performer as your mentor for the next 90 days and see the change. This research work holds experience of 200+ years of people management experience of industry leaders (directors, VPs, CEOs, etc.) who have been doing performance evaluation, hiring and firing for years now. These leaders have worked in organizations like CISCO, AVAYA, VMWare, HP, HPE, DXC, Druva, Mytel, etc.

Let’s dive into a brighter future: Get that promotion, recognition, hike and growth even during the tough times!

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Prashant Dixit

Prashant Dixit is passionate about learning and sharing. He grew as a manager quite early in his career and has been into various leadership positions which provided him opportunities to learn about human sense in performance management. He has worked in companies like TCS, Avaya, HP, HPE, DXC, CISCO and is currently working at Druva. 

His interest in psychology and philosophy for the past 18 years have helped him see the relationship between performance and employee behaviors. He is a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Reiki and Pranic healer. He has varied interests and spends his time reading about psychology, philosophy, astrology, numerology, graphology and spirituality. Whenever he is not working, he prefers to be behind the wheels and racing the highways! 

He also coaches people who need help. Feel free to connect with him if you need any further guidance.