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The Veda Overseas Files An Atom of Nuclear Fusion in Indian Politics of 21st Century

Author Name: Vedananda Gowd | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

My book, “The Veda Overseas Files” is a memoir dedicated specifically to my daughter Haimaveena Gowd, who is 6-years-old and in Germany, with her mother, my wife Shruthi Gowd.

This book focuses more on experience of a person and depicts his contribution to the Indian political system which brought a change in governance within India, between 2014-2020, while he was living in Germany. Like every human being has several roles to play in their lives, he shares his detailed experience from his birth till the date of publishing of this book, of his experiences and encounters in life and, primarily, of involvement in politically risky adventures which had influences on all facets of his life thereafter. A fight which he even continues to do today.

Also the story continues to revolve around him, as he currently returns to India and does what is possible to see his family join him back in India. Having informed all authorities to launch an investigation of an attempt to murder on him in Germany, by anti-Indian forces, using advanced technological weapons, mistaking him for an R&AW agent, besides being a patriotic Hindu and former president of the Overseas Friends of BJP Germany, 2014-2020.

The Brahmanda, which we also call the celestial infinite universe, has always more to give to an individual as an experience and also absorbs the individual’s experience into its system. Similarly, through this first book which I have written today, I want the book experience to be absorbed by the system in the best of its interest in all dimensions possible. Even today, his fight against organized criminals who use advanced weapons against nationalistic people (diplomats, agents, politically active people, or upcoming individuals in a foreign country) continues.

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Vedananda Gowd

Author Vedananda Gowd is a very good narrator. He is an engineer by profession and a very experienced professional and political thinker with a go-getter attitude. Born to a Hindu, middle-class family.