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The Vedic Altar Updated An Essay in Twelve Parts

Author Name: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

'The objective of the 9th Avatar’s descent was to reverse the direction spirituality had taken with its almost exclusive emphasis on an otherworldly realisation, leaving the Earth to her own devices; and to establish a life divine on this very planet, to bring heaven upon Earth, as the Scriptures state.

How can this best be achieved, is the question the sincere seeker must ask.

Yogic realisations of the old schools, even if they could be extended beyond the single realiser to many others, would still not have the power to bring about any universal transformation, the signature of the Aquarian Age. Sri Aurobindo made this clear: it is not merely the goal of his mission that is different from the old Yogas: it is the process as well…

This means that the supramental Truth-Consciousness must arrange its manifestation in such a manner that in the becoming of its being, or its innermost essence, that divine life is manifested for all to see on Earth… there has to be a revelation with great precision in keeping with the character of Supermind, of exactly how the transformation can be accomplished.

That revelation is the Mother’s chamber. It is the seed of all that is to follow.’

(Part 11, page 87)

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Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

The Mother’s Temple not only builds on the early Vedic foundation, it explains and enhances it. The 15.20 meter descending solar Ray ‘displaces the traditional Hindu idols from a central position, but it does not negate their truth and place in the new dispensation’ (see Part Two, p. 98).  The Mother’s updated temple shows how the process of renewal takes place in India; it provides an example of how the energy hoarded in the past can be released and used as fuel for the rise of the new. 

To complete Sri Aurobindo’s mission both feminine powers, the Mother and Thea, were necessary. The Mother ‘saw’ the Temple and rooted it into the Earth by giving it exact measurements. But there had to be an applied cosmology formulated so that we could understand its profound wisdom and essence, and that was the Yoga of Thea, the third in Sri Aurobindo’s Solar Line.

She provided a ‘script’ or a new cosmic language to give the descending knowledge in the Mother’s vision a gnostic meaning. That is, at the same time as the Mother saw the Temple (January 1970), Thea was writing The Magical Carousel. In 1974, after the Mother’s passing, Thea received from her the knowledge which comprised the texts, The Gnostic Circle, and The New Way, (see, ensuring that although the true Temple could not be erected (the architects made many changes to the  Mother’s original vision), it was ‘built’. The knowledge has been preserved, ‘the Sanatana Dharma has been renewed… on fuller foundations, in accordance with the new cosmic harmonies’ (ibid, p. 100).



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