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The Wellness Shots The Ready Reference for Every Home

Author Name: Sujata Naik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

A series of daily wellness tips, that started off as ideas striking at the spur of the moment, became a popular tool in spreading health awareness. Inspirational and based on the author’s own observations and experiences, The Wellness Shots can be a handy health reference for every home.

Sujata’s health and wellness tips have felt like the morning newspaper

every day. No day starts without reading these little power-packed

capsules, delightfully enlightening and funny at the same time!

Devyani Vaishampayan, Global HR Director, BSI, London:

I have been following Sujata’s daily health tips avidly. They spruced up

my mornings and happily alleviated some of the misconceptions I had

about health, fitness and wellness. With this book, I can now have

these gems at my fingertips!

Priya Dutt, eminent politician and social worker:

Sujata Naik’s health tips are little pearls packed with common sense

about practically everything regarding healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Lucid and easy to follow, this compilation is an excellent keepsake for

laymen and health professionals.

Dr Sanjay Oak, renowned Paediatric Surgeon and CEO, Aga Khan

Health Services India, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai.


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Sujata Naik

Sujata Naik has a Master’s degree in homeopathy and has been a leading practitioner since 1987. Apart from running a chain of clinics in Mumbai and treating patients from all over the globe, she is also deeply committed to community service in rural Maharashtra. A prolific writer and speaker, her health articles in various periodicals and newspapers, and her appearances on TV have been immensely popular. Her column Prognosis in the magazine New Woman, and her expert advice in Loksatta, Sakal and The Times of India publications are widely read. She has regularly appeared on a live interactive health show in Marathi, Hello Doctor on Doordarshan. Busting several myths related to lifestyle and wellness, Sujata believes the role of healthy habits and nutrition must be emphasised. Together with homeopathy, she hopes to bring about a revolution in preventive healthcare. She lives in Dadar, in Mumbai.

To know more about her work, log onto drsujatanaik.com and be in touch at https://www.facebook.com/drsujatanaiksclinic