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The World's Most Powerful Man And the Proficiscentur

by Parth Arora

Format: Paperback

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Life in India was never the same after The World’s Most Powerful Man King’s unexpected death.

“Today, we have betrayed many laws of nature, we were not meant to fly, but we flew. We were not meant to see past the horizon, but we used video conferencing.”

In this book, we break another law – we are not meant to live after death, but when we have strong will to do something, nothing is impossible.

The Proficiscentur becomes a game-changer when it brings back the people’s beloved King.

However, the Techno-tonics team faces bigger challenges, with the entire planet’s safety at stake.

Things become more complicated when the chief scientist Albert gets kidnapped along with his ingenious inventions.

Six months after his death, King is back and is ready to face new challenges. He has to face them as soon as he re-enters the world again.

Will they be able to save the planet as well as uncover the mastermind behind the crooked schemes?

Are you ready to experience the thrill and break all laws of nature along with The World’s Most

Powerful Man and the Proficiscentur?

Parth Arora is a student at Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana. He began writing at a very young age and penned his first novel at the age of thirteen. He has been awarded as the Youngest Author of India by Indian Achievers Book of Records. He enjoys writing thrillers and science fictions. He likes to write tales with a social message and believes that determination and hard work can make one achieve one’s goals. He considers his parents and J.K. Rowling his inspiration to write.

For more information of him and his books, refer his official website – www.partharorabooks.com



The World's Most Powerful Man





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