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Author Name: S.Seshadri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

These stories are based in India, the land of mysteries. Horror is a peculiar genre. There are paranormal incidents, phenomena, and happenings that probably have no explanations whatsoever. I have kept an eye on diversity.

The twelve compelling ultra-creepy stories are meant for you if you look for chills down your back. They will intrigue and delight you in equal measure.

A robbery born out of greed and malice goes horribly wrong when the ruthless robber calls on an older woman. The meeting ends in a scream of one in mortal terror.

A village is reportedly cursed. A stranger arrives, claiming to drive out the demons. Horror is unleashed.

A hill comes out alive to take on people who come to explore her reserves. The encounter ends in a spine-chilling climax.

A journalist explores an ancient abandoned house to cook up a light-hearted story. Does he come out alive to tell the story to the world?

A paranormal investigator has a chance to visit the netherworld and wonders about having sex with ghosts. How does he come out of the tricky situation?

And then there is a playboy with a tattoo of a demon on his chest that comes to life to devour his girlfriends.

An invitation to a Halloween party takes the protagonist to an inconceivable and implausible world. Horror strikes.

A stalking graffiti seeks vengeance. 

An older woman steals the souls of wayward husbands. 

A holiday on a beach resort ends up inviting demons seeking revenge.

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Seshadri is an electrical engineer by profession and has worked in senior capacities in major steel plants in India and abroad for over 30 years. He lives in Mumbai, India, and is an independent consultant in the marketing of industrial products. 

This background might seem entirely unconnected with the world of art, but Seshadri has been wielding the brushes as a hobby for decades.

Although he is an entirely self-taught artist, he has held a few shows to his credit and been part of regional group exhibitions in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi and private shows in the USA. His artwork can be seen on his website

The new millennium has brought a new phase of creativity, and he has again captured the evanescent moments of life. He finds writing a learning experience that finds him constantly evolving. His self-published books, Stranger Moments and Eclipsed, are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. 

Seshadri lives in Mumbai, India, and his email id is



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