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Theory of Architecture: Concept to Commissioning

by Ar. Prof. Indranil Sen

Format: Paperback

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Architecture is a creative art with a lot of science embedded into this art. Being the mother of all art forms, the responsibility of an Architect is much more in the society at large. His creations will be standing there and no one can avoid seeing it. But Architectural design is also a science driven process. The purpose of this book is to share and note down the various aspects of this process of going through the exercise of Architectural Design. How much added Services and Engineering knowledge is required for an Architect to captain his project? What are the dos and don’ts of this process? How to avoid making mistakes and latter correcting them at someone else’s' cost. There is a theory to this entire game of dreams, which I call the Theory of Architecture : C2C. What are the various steps that lead us from one to another? This book tries to document this process and share the experience that I have gained in my exposure to this grand industry.

Indranil Sen was born in Kolkata and is an architecture graduate from the Bengal Engineering College, Sibpur, (erstwhile BESU and now IIEST). He has been a serious professional ever since.

In the last glorious thirty-six years of his career, he has worked in senior positions with leading architectural organizations. The footprints of his project exposure can be found in eight countries, including Oman, Mauritius and Bangladesh. He has also worked on projects across India.

He has also acted as External Jury on invitation from IIT Kharagpur, Dep’t. of Architecture for assessing the Project Dissertation and conducting Viva-voce Examination for the Final Year B Arch. Degree Thesis program.

He has travelled extensively nationally and internationally and during this time, has worked on several prestigious projects with well-known architects and engineers.

Presently, he is a practicing architect in Kolkata and is the Principal Architect in Interface Design Studio, a firm jointly owned with his architect wife.

He is also a visiting faculty in the School of Architecture, Techno India University, Kolkata.

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