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They Were My Heroes

Author Name: Mohul Bhowmick | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Knitted by verses indulged with tempo, Mohul Bhowmick's latest offering- They Were My Heroes- is a pre-eminent contribution to the domain of Indian poetry in English. Sporadically merged with manoeuvres that carry the enterprise past the realm of common comprehension, it is laced with both joy and pain. The course of a vigorous dalliance, now ended, rears its head and in mitigation, Bhowmick probes into the anguish that he suffers. 

Like the majority of his work in poetry, this book too is semi-autobiographical; the obsessions, evasions and fixations that it unveils are a sight to behold. Coming a year after his highly acclaimed debut in travel writing, Bhowmick is back to doing what he does best- asking questions of himself with subtle nudges.

Arriving a long time after it was first conceived, this collection consists of a hundred poems. It is divided into five sections: Travel Capers, In Tribute, Demons, Romantic Leftovers and Residues of the Heart. Each resists its own intricacies with sophistication, touching the reader with every note and chord. In the process, national-level cricketer Bhowmick finds himself facing a wall that no sunrise can erase or obliterate.

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Mohul Bhowmick

Mohul Bhowmick is a national-level cricketer, poet, sports journalist, essayist and travel writer from Hyderabad, India.  

His debut collection of poetry This Means War came out in 2019 and was met with widespread acclaim. It managed to lodge itself and remain at number two in the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers' List. His most recent book, a travelogue on Nepal titled Seeking Kathmandu tasted similar success and has been celebrated widely in the world of travel literature.

A senior analyst at the sports news website Sportskeeda, Mohul is also a post-graduate student of business administration at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vivekananda College, Osmania University, Hyderabad. He writes consistently for the e-magazine LiveWire and The Times of India's blog.

Mohul harbours the dream of turning up for Manchester United at Old Trafford someday and playing the guitar alongside John Mayer at Wembley Stadium.