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Thiruvalluvar Tours the World Second Journey

Author Name: Thangai - India, Dr. Kailash Nath - Canada, Irai Mathialagan - Singapore, Keerthi Prasad - Australia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This book is a non-fictional visualisation of current global incidents through the lens of Thirukkural.

The book inroads into the raging COVID-19 pandemic, polygamous Chinese lifestyle, Singapore – an axle, and tech giants such as Google, Apple, etc.

The first chapter, ‘American Presidential Election 2024’, starts with the voyage of Columbus and covers a little about the Red Indians. Pasu, from Anna University, and Guru went to America for MBA in Ivy League. Guru joined Harvard and Pasu went to Kellogg School. Pasu fell in love with an American girl, Dorzah, in Kellogg. About 80% of this chapter is in a WhatsApp conversation format – a trending social media for all generations.

Interestingly, Dorzah is a republican and Pasu is a democrat supporter. The MBA friends from American universities started the WhatsApp group, ‘MBA Round D World’. Students from Harvard, Yale, UCB, IIT, LSE, ETH-Swiss and Moscow University are in it. They debated on the Presidential Election 2020 and finally landed in 2024. The subject changed to Swiss Direct Democracy, Brexit, Myanmar Coup. The Group, interestingly, entered into the ‘Happiness Index’ of the top 10 country’s research.

Dorzah is also Trump's fan. The Group’s debate on the politics between Pasu and Dorzah did not affect their true love. The 1330th Kural reminded us, “Quarrelling adds delight to love; a hearty embrace [thereafter] adds delight to this quarrel.”

Thirukkural was penned 2,000 years back by Thiruvalluvar and translated into 42 international languages.

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Thangai - India, Dr. Kailash Nath - Canada, Irai Mathialagan - Singapore, Keerthi Prasad - Australia

Thangai (Dasnavis Fernando) is a native of Thangachimadam, India, and studied international business management at Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, USA. He has operated Freezers Trawlers and is an exporter of lobsters and prawns. He was a nominated director in the Shipping Corporation of India for a term and later joined as a ‘Friendly Equity Partner’ with Mitsubishi Group Co., Japan. Along with his Japanese friends, he travelled to all continents. This is his second world tour with Thiruvalluvar along with three co-authors from different parts of the world.

Dr. Kailash Nath, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale), Canada, is an academician, trained at Yale and UC, Berkeley, and had his joint exposure at Harvard and Stanford. He is preoccupied with a project on globalization and sustainable development appertaining human identity along with fellow international scholars. His famous terms of ‘salad bowl’ vs. ‘melting pot’, Glocal—Global issues informed by Local and vice versa—all come into the fray.

Saminathan Mathialagan alias Irai. Mathialagan from Singapore, an engineer turned IT entrepreneur, has served in several global organizations. As a Tamil poet, his notable work is the song about Dr. Kalam sung by Shankar Mahadevan. His initiative in digital publications like a documentary on thirty Singapore poets and six songs for Singapore are commendable.

Keerthi Prasad, Melbourne, Australia, is a reputed author and blogger. His book, Mentor as a Thought Partner, led him to co-found a not-for-profit organisation that connects mentors and mentees. A widely travelled personality, Keerthi is an astute entrepreneur, a skills-knowledge enabler and a board member in several institutions.



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