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Tilasmi Patthar Magical Patthar

Author Name: VISHAL BHARGAVA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
Tilasmi Patthar is a story about a stone having magical powers embedded in it. There is a evils who want to became the queen of Hell and destroy the world. Shiyakal is a most powerful evil but at the end evils are dead. You have read many other magical stones but this story well Fits your mind with thrill and adventure. The suspense at each page well provide you to read it further. There is a three-fold mystery behind the Tilasmi Patthar hidden in the words of this book. At the last of every story negative character have to be defeated by the positive character. This Story is a full of Thrill and adventure. The terrible and magical world of Hell’s Gate is a home for all the Evils. After Reading the ‘Tilasmi Patthar’ Book, share your Experience about it and Write Review where you purchase it or you can WhatsApp us on +91 9650837361 or also you DM us on Instagram handle: @bhargav_vishal20

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VISHAL BHARGAVA STORY WRITTEN BY VISHAL BHARGAVA. HE IS 18 YEARS OLD AND WRITE A STORY BY HIS MIND. HE JUST DOING A COURSE BCA. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US RATE OUR BOOK OR GIVE US FEEDBACK TO KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE BETTER INSTAGRAM OF AUTHOR : @bhargav_vishal20 follow to get more Information. Subscribe Youtube Channel Android Collection and get update about upcoming launches. We just launch 'Tilasmi Patthar Trailer' watch it now by typing - Tilasmi Patthar Trailer. like it.