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TNEX Time Travel

by Sudhir Sid

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Tnex story is about a teenage boy, Dani. He loses his family during a robbery attack on his house. As far as we know there are only 3 dimensions but there is also a 4th dimension called time. Dani’s father is a scientist and from his father’s research work Dani finds a time travel device which can allow a person to travel time for one minute which is equal to 1sec in real world which means time runs slower. Dani uses the time traveling power to fight against crime and he works as a secret cop under his Uncle who is a police.

He believes in friendship and has no interest in love. His close friends are Ray, Nisha. The story goes on with different criminal investigations which are solved our hero. Later, Dani meets a girl named Sehra during his investigation and she becomes close to him. Dani meets a mysterious person who also fights for justice.

My name is D.Sudhir and I was born on 29th August 1990. I'm a Rookie writer. Writing short stories is my hobby. Sid is my pen name. Actually I started writing stories for my friends and soon it turned into a hobby. My intention was to make people smile with my short stories and make them feel better. I’m an average student which means I’m Ok with studies, sports, etc. My favourite subject is Maths and my favourite sport is football. I’m a big fan of Rooney (England). I like travelling and also interested in photography. The only talent which I posses is imagination which I gained watching cartoons and anime series. Actually I’m not perfect in English but my stories readers can understand the lines. Chetan Bhagat’s simple English novels inspired me in writing a novelette “Lamaru” (a story of a football player) which is my dream life. With my close friends support and my sisters Suneeta and Anusha. Everyone has encouraged me in writing more stories despite of my average English. I have written 180+ short stories till now and 8 novelettes. I got 5 books published in Notion Press. But still I'm not ready to call myself a writer as I just started my journey.







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