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Ummidhon Ke Sahare Kavya Sangraha

by Amrendra Tiwari Nabhjeet

Format: Paperback

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The book is actually composed of the various aspects of a person’s life in society. However, a major portion comprises of not only romantic poems, but poems of patriotism, realistic poems, nature poems and some social comedy, all of which play a vital role in its composition.

The language used is very simple to target mass readers.

Finishing his technical studies in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, the author went a step ahead towards his love for literature by doing his under-graduation in English (honors).

Currently he is an active social worker cum public speaker.

The inclination towards literature and realistic social issues has encouraged him to write this book. According to the author the reason for this book being written in Hindi is to have a meaningful approach to Indian society. Since Hindi is our national language we are well connected to the language.



Ummidhon Ke Sahare





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