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Under her arms, I lived

Author Name: K A. Parinasri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The day when She came to know we have been formed in her womb, Each sec she was safe and was just thinking about us Never knew whether its a girl or a boy, But yet she poured the pure love, Care, Never knew how would we appear via looks or anything it might be but yet she started sacrificing her herself, Her needs, Her ambition, Her passion and everything.. all that mattered to her was the child, She forgot and forgets about her life and was indirectly forced to lookup on us, To live the life just for us. She was just adoring us, Our movements our kicks and so on! 
She never bothered about her pain nor anything! 

That isn't that easy to give birth to a child, Either it might be Normal delivery or a C-section the worst pain is called labour pain, But yet she overcame the pain, the struggle which we gave her, and everything which crossed by her path knowingly/unknowingly she faced it with boldness, Why? just to authorize us to step into this world, and to startup live our living! 

But see what we do back to her? do we shower the love back to her? Nhaa we just tend to show up the anger on her, Which was just triggered by someone on something else!

Even Though we behave this way, Just look back and see who stands beside us? yes that Amma/Mom/Maa, Still appears with the happy face and showers the love alone!

This being the journey of us where you came like an angel to me fulfilling my each and every wishes to the fullest at one single go

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K A. Parinasri

She is a passionate writer from Chennai. Writing makes her pressure go away. She had played the role of co-author for more than 96+, Compiled 40+ Books! She would like to thank her parents, her Loveable Brother and her Guy for supporting her rather than stopping her from what she wanted to do! For being the main reason for achieving her dreams. 
She believes that anyone could hurt her, But never her books could!! She is compiling this book, especially for her Mom!