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Universal Law Of Gravitation For Class 9 Part-1

Author Name: Pratap Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

This book "Universal Law Of Gravitation" For Class 9 Part-1 deals with the essential concepts in physics from fundamental to advanced level and it's also useful for secondary and higher secondary students of Physics.

This book is easy for example the fundamental concepts of Physics and this book is also helpful for students appearing in different competitive examinations. In this book is easily explain the basic of Physics in briefly. It is suitable for senior classes in schools. This book content is very useful for those whose students know about the basic and advanced knowledge of the Universal Law Of Gravitation in the field of Physics.This book contains important concept related to the given below topics:-

Introduction of gravitation, Newton's observation, Isaac Newton Biography, Free Falling Body, Galileo Galilei Observation, Gravitational Force, Newton's law of gravitation, Value of gravitational constant, Calculate the gravitational force between two particles like Ball, Acceleration Due To Gravity, Thrust and Pressure, Pressure in Fluids, Atmospheric pressure and weather, Barometers, Atmospheric Pressure on Human Body, The Buoyancy Principle, Metacenter, Upthrust, Archimedes' principle, Principle of floatation, Iceberg, Kepler’s  Laws of  Planetary  Motion, Mass and Weight, Satellite, Types of Satellite, Principle of Launching of the satellite, Orbital Velocity, Escape Velocity, MCQ and Some important questions. These all are the important topics for class 9.

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Pratap Kumar

I studied tenth and twelfth from Patna High School, (S.R.P.S. Govt. H/S, Gardanibagh), Patna, Bihar. I am Pratap Kumar. I am postgraduate with M.Sc. Electronics. I am an undergraduate with Physics (Hons.) from the Department of Physics, Patna University, Patna, Bihar (India). I achieved many important certificates in the field of education. I am writing books, poems, and quotes from half-decade. A poet, a writer, a painter, a learner, and a teacher by own experience and knowledge.