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Unlock Purva Punya and Paap from the Stories of 27 Nakshatras Curses through Medical Astrology

Author Name: S. PRAKASH | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book is about philosophically decoding horoscope through the mythological stories of Nakshatras with a unique amalgamation of medical astrology and D60.

It is a humble attempt to introduce the eternal wisdom of various Vedic ideas, including Atman, Paramatma, Karma and Dharma, from our sages. The author endeavors to explain cosmic energies in the universe but also show how the teachings of the Vedas can be used to lead a blissful life amid the present-day chaos, stress and confusion.

The activation of Seven Human Chakras results in achieving everlasting, blissful life from the 'Cosmic energy' that enters the human body, located along our spine, and explains how this 'cosmic energy' in the form of 'spectrum colors light' of varying wavelengths resonate with each of the seven main Chakras of the human body. If Chakras are blocked or unbalanced, then it can lead to diseases and create obstacles while realizing your dreams.

It seems very unreasonable that one person enjoys good health and wealth and the other suffers. Yes, there are very strong karmic reasons for the disease and misfortune. Prarabdh is the allotted karma for this life, which we have carried forward from past lives in our body, mind, emotions and manifestations in the form of electromagnetic waves around us, which are the karmic particles of past lives.

This book is a very easy and handy guide for everyone. Anyone can decode their horoscope by applying astrological principles with mythology.

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S. Prakash is a science graduate and project management certified professional who works in the IT sector for the last 15 years. He was born and brought up in Delhi, and later shifted to Bangalore to pursue his career in IT.

He is a keen observer of nature and spends most of his time in research work pertaining to astrology and other philosophical matters like mythology and spirituality. 

It was only after his predictions for his friends and acquaintances that came true, he was destined to be an astrologer. As a professional consultant, he compiles information and finds solutions to the problems in his own unique way of decoding the horoscope.

S. Prakash is practicing Vedic astrology since 2007 when he first time met his Guru, Shree J.N. Sharma Ji, and since then he is researching various branches of astrology such as Jamini Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology, K.P. Astrology, Numerology, Medical Astrology, Prashna, Astro Vastu, Lal Kitab Vastu and Past Life Regression. 

Prakash has done intense research on remedies for the past few years after understanding the deep-rooted meaning of inheriting curses and Doshas of the horoscope and how to solve these mysteries of life.



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