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Unshackle Your Team Learn the Smart Art of Balancing Sales and Marketing!

Author Name: Raghavendra Hunasgi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Let Us Take a Smarter Approach to Sales and Marketing—Smarketing! 

In today’s world, where digital transformation is the norm, it makes sense for sales and marketing to work in tandem instead of as conflicting functions.  

The S in Smarketing is for smart sales. We must start by looking at the role that sales and marketing play to understand the changes we need to make to create an impact. Essentially, the sales cycle begins where the marketing function ends. However, today, the lines are blurred with marketing continuing to nurture the prospect and providing useful content throughout the customer’s buying journey for sales enablement. Sales also feeds marketing with insights they have gathered from their interactions with customers, which can help marketing efforts. 

The Smarketing team plays a vital role, which is why you need to focus on identifying, hiring, motivating, and retaining a smart and ambitious team. You can create a winning team with the right sales and marketing members supported by data, following the best practices that we have discussed, and by readying your organization for this move. 

But before you go ahead, do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the return-on-investment from your sales and marketing teams. Even as we talk about numbers and strategy, remember that this is a cultural change and you will have to start working from the grassroot-levels so that everyone is prepared for the change. Be prepared to face challenges, bottlenecks, and struggles around determining the size of the team and the way forward.

From the "National bestselling author of Unleashing Growth"

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Raghavendra Hunasgi

Raghavendra Hunasgi is a Global Marketing and Branding expert helping Fortune 500 companies unleash the power of insight-driven marketing. A globally renowned entrepreneur bestselling author and an in-demand speaker at TEDx and conferences around the globe. He is a 21st-century leader and influencer whose words and work in the field of marketing and branding are helping organizations leapfrog to the next level.

He is ranked amongst the top 100 CMO’s in the world. He speaks and writes enthusiastically about brand strategy, entrepreneurship, product innovation, growth marketing, and Sales.

 Raghav has advised three presidents and two prime ministers; Forbes listed him as top social media influencer; the United Nations inducted him as a digital evangelist; the Harvard Business School alumni named Growth Marketing Zen Master and India’s leading media house Economic Times’ top 100 business thinkers of India.

 Raghav is a serial entrepreneur and has built and sold many successful companies. He has driven the explosive growth for many organizations and enjoys teaching Marketing, Branding, and strategy in several universities globally; he also serves on the board of many public listed and privately held companies.