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Vazhukkil Veena Nimishangal

Author Name: Amarnath Pallath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Vazhukkil Veena Nimishangal is not about right and wrong. It’s about life and living. It’s about prioritizing the mind above the heart and vice versa; the balance is what matters. In this novel, Jithu, an ordinary woman, reveals how the unexpected can happen in life. Despite finding herself in financial crises and social conflicts, she forges ahead, takes risks and modifies her ideas and lifestyle according to the changing scenario.

Valleys are beautiful, especially after the climb, because of the different views they offer. Peaks of pleasures are sobered by low valleys. How does Jithu move on through this cycle? Although never taught conflict resolution, she learns from her mentor, older than her and who tries to influence her body and will.

Though the journey Jithu undergoes was to help tide over her financial issues, she comes to grips with different and cumbersome situations. This helps her understand the weaknesses of men, and she uses it to her advantage. Like the tree climber who plucks coconuts and areca nuts, Jithu uses different coir rings effortlessly to achieve her goals.

Freedom thrills her. Anyone who questions her is rebuffed. She survives, nay, dominates her social network.

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Amarnath Pallath

Amarnath Pallath, a mechanical engineer, has operated in roles such as Cryogenic Specialist and Corporate Management Head, with over 40 years of experience as General Manager in both India and abroad. He has also worked with several multinational corporations as their Profit Head. Enriched with his exposure to multiple facets of management, he does consulting and training.

Amarnath has enjoyed writing from a young age and has published stories and articles in various publications, papers and blogs both in English and Malayalam. He is also an actor and has been on stage at the age of 70. He is blessed with two daughters through Usha.

After his professional life, he rekindled his interest in writing and the result is his first Malayalam novel, Vazhukkil Veena Nimishangal.