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VEGAN SEX sketching through the intimate lines

Author Name: Naturebella | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The book tells about a simple tale of exploring one's own desire in an artistic set up that pushes you to drop inhibitions, a wall of resistence that you created for yourself, break your own rules to love and live freely. When your desires are no more part of that secret book and becomes as real as it can be.The book includes the sketches that are an expression of love, desires and knowing the inner most you - the naive, naked & natural you.

Paperback 325

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Naturebella has books of eclectic genres to her name and the inquisitive taste comes from her own journey of exploring science, art & culture now curated into books, sketchbooks and paintings . Each holds its own story. The stories are very much lived and may not be as fictious as they seem.What you can prove is real and everything else is mere figment of your imagination, they say. Find out what's real you or better what you want to be real for you.Enjoy the journey with Naturebella.