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Vijaya The Story of Dharma and Karma

Author Name: Nikunj Sharma | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

The book Vijaya is the old name of the great epic of Mahabharata. People say that you should not read and keep Mahabharata in your home because it is the story of war among the families and there are all kinds of sins in it but you can read Vijaya. This book consists of the whole story of the Mahabharata in a short version. To know about the Hinduism, the Dharma it is very important to know about the great epic of Mahabharata.

Vijaya tells you about the Mahabharata in a way that is never been told before in a very short way I have tried to show you the width of the epic. So the story starts right from the beginning and tells you that what the point of the war is. What is the essence of the war fought over 18 days involving 18 armies and described over 18 chapters of the Mahabharata? So this is Vijaya and this is all our ancestors wanted us to learn and it is the time to learn about it.

This book starts from the first chapter which tells about a king who did not know about the past of his ancestors and was a little bit confused. So he asked a learned sage Vaishampayana. Then the Sage narrates him the whole epic about his ancestors.

This book also contains a chapter which is giving the knowledge of Bhagwat-Geeta.

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Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma, a millennial law student, found himself in the midst of a standstill in the 2020 pandemic. Turning to the pronouncements of Krishna, he found inspiration to put forth his understanding of Dharma and Karma from the Geeta and the Mahabharata.