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Visuddha Prema

Author Name: Jitavati Das | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This book is created for the confused souls searching for tranquillity in misery, unaware of one's capabilities, and in search of acceptance from the outer world. This book is for all those vulnerable people standing in the middle of two different dimensions- one, spiritual, and the other one is the materialistic world, questioning its existence, to the ones living in a temporary illusion of life. It is for those curious people searching for answers; it is for those atheists who want to explore more and know if they are on the right path. It is for all those agnostics who are in search of the Supreme. It is for those youths who want to gain control over their consciousness.

The journey of expecting oneself the way one is, serving others selflessly, working towards knowing the Ultimate Knowledge, and becoming Love. It is where one will become aware of the interconnection between Love and Bhakti, Religion and Spirituality, Param-atman, and its Parcels. It is a journey of every individual from Ignorance to Awareness.

Is this book, in your opinion, about changing lives, evolving, embracing one's flaws, and being aware of one's reality?

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Jitavati Das

Jitavati Das is the author of this debut book. She is a writer and entrepreneur; who runs an NGO. She understands the importance of being connected to her roots and upholding culture, heritage & tradition. Truly believing in this philosophy has inspired her to spread the ultimate knowledge of life, which is taught across various Vedic scriptures. She has culminated this knowledge and added her interpretation in this inscribed piece.



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