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Voice of Reason A Call to Atheism

Author Name: Onkar Goraya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Voice of Reason – a Call to Atheism” is the magnum opus book by Brigadier Onkar Goraya, an old war horse of 80 plus. The book blasts the centuries’ old institution of God and religion, into smithereens without a bias. It establishes the redundancy of belief in God and religion in this modern age convincingly. The author has frequently quoted free thinkers and celebrated authors. From pages of history he has vividly traced the egregious atrocities committed in the name of god, religion et al, corroborating his reasoning with historical facts and figures. The book is a harbinger of peace, progress, and prosperity and will prove to be the pall bearer for the generation next in these troubled times to be used as a gospel to guide one’s life. “Voice of Reason” may create ripples of controversy but all for the good. The author’s genuine concern for human wellbeing is commendable. 

Murli Chari

Author of “Let Life Blossom” and other books.

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Onkar Goraya

At the tender age of seven the author saw bloody clashes between Muslims and non Muslims during the partition of Punjab as chillingly depicted in The Train to Pakistan by the inimitable maverick Kushwant Singh. Further during his long Army career he saw more bloodshed during Indo Pak wars of 1965 and 71, and massacre of Bengalis by Pakistani Army in 1971. The senseless bloodbath caused by religious fanaticism inside Golden Temple Amritsar in 1984 cast a profound effect on the author’s mind. 

Right from childhood Onkar Goraya had misgivings about God and religion. As he grew up his conviction about hollowness, futility and immoralities of religious faith became rock solid. Religion has been the cause of most wars and persecution from medieval times and vitiated the very essence of universal brotherhood. Being a staunch atheist he advocates the creed of reason and science. He firmly believes that to free himself from self enslavement to religious faith man must adopt ‘logic’ as the lodestar of life. Listening to the Voice of Reason is the only way forward.

Brigadier Goraya is a prolific writer. Apart from his musings as reminiscences, he has authored a book each on the Liberation War of Bangladesh(1971) and Operation Blue Star 0f 1984. Both have found their rightful place amongst reference books of those times.