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Waist Number 42 Bullying is a chemical reaction, and silent spectators the catalysts

Author Name: Khushi Mohunta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

"The future of our society permits acceptance as cards. As credit cards are to banks and balances, waist cards are the new credit cards to societal acceptance and equality.”

It starts right from the birth cradle – the way you perceive, judge, accept, or question. The school premises is not only a place where children learn etiquettes of life, it is wrapped up in a dual shade. A house of wisdom and learning for the curious ones, while a place of bullying, mocking, and casting hoaxes on others for the bullies.

But, as they say, “Patience has an endpoint.” Certainly, you cannot deal and go through all those outbursts of bullying, pangs of teasing, seclusion, and alienation with you every random day. It ain’t a ritual and neither are you a deity that it is ought to be worshipped on you every day. Then there comes this time where you are in a fix, a dilemma indeed – to speak up for yourself or choose to go with the flow, the flow that society sails you in.

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Khushi Mohunta

Khushi Mohunta is a 17 year old author based in Sirsa. She is a student of Delhi Public School and aspires to pursue English Honours and Psychology. Besides her love for the English language, she also has an editorial zeal. She adheres to the saying “looks can be deceptive” and would be found in her own cocoon- reading and composing. Khushi always perpetuates new horizons and aspects even in adversity, because the rest all is mere transitory in her facet. From writing poems on sui generis days of her clan members to being orchestrated with the cognomen of Chief Editor of her school, she bloomed. According to her, “Words can paint constellation’s breathing stars into dwindling lives.”



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