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Wake Up Indians Wake Up Know How Great Your Country Is

by Dr. Arun Kumar Suri

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The book presents a bird’s eye view of the glorious heritage of India. Since time immemorial, India has proclaimed that man needs both scientific and spiritual knowledge to enjoy material prosperity and happiness. Unfortunately, this advice has been forgotten by the people of this country. They have been under foreign rule for centuries, and blindly followed their lifestyle and approach to education. This has led to the current scenario where this great country is on the verge of complete destruction.

The time has come for all of us to unite and learn ancient Indian wisdom which is necessary to create a healthy, prosperous and peaceful society. And consequently, restore India’s glory and make it the moral and spiritual leader of the world.

The book points to the scientific basis of this wisdom. It is sincerely hoped that it will help awaken the collective conscience of Indian people.

Dr. Arun Kumar Suri is a pediatrician who advocates a holistic approach to life and child health. He is extremely interested in learning about the great heritage of India and is very proud of it. He is convinced that health cannot be separated from other aspects of life. For him pediatric practice means educating, enabling and empowering parents to maintain their children in a state of sound physical and psychological health. This cannot be achieved without giving sufficient attention to spiritual development.

Physical health depends on psychological health and this in turn, depends on spiritual development. Health is affected by one’s attitude to life and having the correct attitude depends on understanding life as a whole. Learning to lead a balanced life by giving sufficient importance to  the four goals of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, as recommended by our ancestors is crucial to maintaining optimal health.


Some people may wonder whether there is any scientific evidence for the existence of soul. There is lot of information on this topic. Dr. Arun is also interested in spreading awareness about this topic and in introducing scientific spirituality in Medical Colleges to present the scientific evidence for the existence of the soul.



Wake Up Indians Wake Up





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