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Wake up to VAKE : A Trainer's Love story A Trainer's Love Story

by Anu Manhotra

Format: Paperback

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Is education in India really meeting the needs of the students? Are the students being nurtured to become to become a well-rounded successful individual?

A passionate trainer, Riti tries to find out the missing module in today’s education in India and when she realizes that it is VaKE(Values & Knowledge Education) she leaves no stone unturned to revolutionize this concept.

Entwined within the journey of her professional dreams, lies the journey of her personal growth and a tender romance.

An inspiring and moving story, this book shows how great determination can lead to miracles.

Aimed to motivate parents, teachers, teenagers and corporate trainers; each chapter comes along with tips and thought provoking exercises!

A leading trainer and motivational speaker, Anu K Manhotra prefers to be identified as a loving Mother (of her son & her many students) Her mission in life is to spread sunshine through her training seminars and be a source of positivity and inspiration for the community, people and for young children.

Like all great things, Anu’s journey as a trainer also had a small beginning, she started giving motivational lectures at Loyal Academy, which led to her visiting various institutes, colleges & schools. Since 2012, she has risen to fame with her motivational pep talks, which she has been delivering at numerous places all over northern India. She is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential and become their best selves.

Educational Qualification

She is UGC NET qualified in Management with a Master’s degree in business administration from DR.B.R Ambedkar University, Hyderabad.

She can be reached at: loyal.anu@gmail.com




Wake up to VAKE : A Trainer's Love story





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