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Water Me

Author Name: udo | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

"Immerse yourself in the lyrical tapestry of 'Water Me.' This evocative tale follows Udo, a boy in an Igbo village, as he navigates the currents of life between the Nwogwugwu and Inogba rivers. From the tranquility of rural existence to the challenges of a changing world, Udo's journey is a poetic exploration of family, growth, and the ever-flowing essence of water.

In verses that ripple with emotion, this narrative captures the ebb and flow of Udo's coming-of-age, offering a reflection on identity amidst the digital waves of modernity. A captivating ode to conscious existence, 'Water Me.' invites readers to drink deep from the well of Udo's experiences, where the essence of life mirrors the fluidity of the rivers that cradle his story."

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Udo is a pseudonymous Nigerian voice from the Igbo tribe.

Udo fictionalises proverbs from the past, in a way to understand what we are, why we are here and how to add value as empaths who believe deeply in the trees and care about the wellness of our planet for peace’s sake.

Udo is a believer of separating the art from the artist to protect the stillness of the mind.

Udo in Igbo means Peace.