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When Dogs are Heroes

Author Name: Aagney Agesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

“I just thought how wonderful it would be if we were on one of the buildings there.”

In When Dogs are Heroes, Dalquer and Slexup, along with their friend Plowick, are very adventurous dogs. One day, they heard about what a city is and wished to be in one. Miraculously, a treasure map, from a treasure chest from the bottom of the river, came to the sight of the pups with their family. Though they got an opportunity to go to a city, will they be able to live in it? Will they be stray dogs fed leftover food from hotels and roam around, or will they be pet dogs, who will be fed good food and live in comfortable kennels?

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Aagney Agesh

Aagney Agesh, aged 9, is the author of this novel. He thought of writing about not one, but two dogs because, a year ago, his father brought two Doberman puppies on November 14, 2020. A year later, when he developed his love for reading novels and books, he thought of writing one. So, one day, after his English and GK teacher told them about books and novels, the same day he started on his own book. When Dogs are Heroes is his first book and he is in search of the next idea for his next book.