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When the Universe Gives You a Kick: How to Rise and Shine A Millennial’s Handbook to Turning Life Around

Author Name: Mandakini Tomar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

When The Universe gives you a kick’ is a self-help and transformational book for the millennials who are desperately looking to rediscover the beauty of their heart to improve the quality of their life by becoming the best version of themselves. The book will help you answer questions –

- Why am I not able to find happiness in life?

- How can I find the purpose of my life and overcome self-doubt?

- How can I overcome bad times in life and uplift my soul?

- How to be led from darkness to light?

In this refreshingly introspective book, each chapter is like a deep meditative trance wherein you will discover the beauty of your soul. It is like a lighthouse which will guide your soul to safely reach the harbour of peace and joy. The author focuses on simplistic approach of Trinity (Stop, Start and Learn) to guide you in the right direction and help you gain a new perspective in life. In addition to it each chapter contains gems of wisdom from religious texts which the millennials will find extremely assuring to transform their life magically. As you go on reading each chapter you will feel a coach guiding you to be your own saviour and create a life you will totally love. 

By the end of the book, you will become a more resilient person, full of love, inspired and beaming with joy treading on the path to confidence, growth and abundance.

You will surely close this book with profit and an amazing spiritual insight that you didn’t choose this book but the Divine guided you to reach this book.

Be the Chosen One !

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Mandakini Tomar

Mandakini Tomar is a young, vibrant, and exuberant person by nature, a voracious reader by passion, and a spiritual person by belief. She likes to call herself a seeker with her soul being her teacher and mentor. As a seeker of knowledge, her inclination towards academics fetched her a gold medal at the university level.  As an empath, to utilise her innate ability to feel other people’s emotions, she aims to guide people to heal their souls and become better versions of themselves. Her writings aim to propagate the learnings of holy scriptures and the wisdom of worldly masters to help people cultivate a positive lifestyle. A staunch believer of the “Divine Power” and “The Magic of Universe,” she strives to help people find the purpose of their lives and shine like stars. Her hobbies include travelling, painting, and collecting travel souvenirs. Having travelled to more than 18 countries, she gained the much-needed exposure and a deeper understanding of various cultures and religions. Her ultimate aim is to use her experience, knowledge, and her flair for writing to coach people to live a blissful life with the Divine’s grace.



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