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Whispers at My Doorstep - My Journey

by Mira Midha

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

In my poems I have tried to capture a profound spirit of all that has come into my life and inspired me. Moments that have touched me, humoured me or made me wonder ‘WHY’, have motivated me to illuminate and personify feelings into creating this book,

As a woman I am stirred to write about ‘HER’ in various personas, as in, Woman, A Woman Reborn, A Mother To Her Daughter.

As seasons change, nature paints its art with such beautiful harmony, bringing alive the flora and fauna with it. The feel of spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter are visual 'poetry' in itself. I get enthused to write.

At times I have let my mind deviate from reality into fantasy and have penned poems in the form of ballads and light hearted banter about ‘fun’ moments in my life.

Emotions too take over and a lot of nostalgia and a cache of soul stirring feelings pour out on paper. A neighbourhood stray dog I feed, an old man who begs at my street corner, poverty on the footpaths, a walk in the woods, remembering wistfully all those who have made a difference in my life, the mountains, the sunrise, sunset………all have a story to tell, if only we would pause and listen. For me their existence is my ‘poetry’ and through my ‘poetry’ they exist.

So come, be a part of this journey and find a connection and a bit of yourself in these pages.


As an artist and a poet Mira Midha sees her poems as works of ‘art’ and feels one art form inspires the other. She wants her books to be read by all who love poetry, an audience that enjoys a play of words and has the urge to keep on reading as she has an urge to keep on writing.

She lives in Pune, India with her husband, a retired naval officer and her family. She started writing as a teenager, but published her first book of poems in 2014. Her passion for writing continued and in 2015 she published her second book of poems.

She continues with her favourite interest, penning poems and her latest release Feelings … It’s Not In What They Say But What They Hide is her third book.



Whispers at My Doorstep - My Journey





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