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Whispers Of a Budgie

Author Name: Nilshree A. Yelulkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

"Whispers of a Budgie" is a book solely dedicated to homemakers. 60% of Indian women choose to or are forced to be homemakers and the reasons are endless! Being a homemaker is a respectable designation and carries a lot of responsibilities. Every homemaker deserves to be celebrated, as she is the spine of the whole house! It is because of her that everyone else comfortably and conveniently steps out of the house, she has all the rights to be eligible to earn, if not in monetary terms, in moral terms by being respected and not being taken for granted. This is a self-help book to lift the spirit of every homemaker and everyone around them! if you are one or have one around them, do give this one a read, you would understand and feel what they keep whispering to themselves all the while!

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Nilshree A. Yelulkar

I am an Engineer, have worked for corporate in the past. However, took a maternity break and currently enjoying the rollercoaster ride of motherhood. I had a writing instinct since school times, participated in various essay competitions, and won a few of them. Growing up, my writing skills somewhere got faded. I started exploring writing again in 2018 when I wrote a poem on my son's third birthday! Very instinctive and relatable content is what I mainly write, and hence my inspiration comes from the most unexpected things and incidents! 

With 2 successfully published books and more to come, I am a full-time Mommy and a homemaker who is trying to add an EXTRA to her ORDINARY life.



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