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WHO ARE WE? Volume-1

Author Name: Kalim Ullah Kabir | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This stunning book will take us through an intellectual journey of "Human" and "Religion". "Bharat" has a rich history, unfortunately Bharat history was written under the influence of westerns. A must read for all. Quran and Bible from the incident of Prophet "Noah" justify yug systems of Sanatan. "God" is one but called by different names. "Vedas" was send by God lakhs of years ago. God send 124000 messengers across world to eradicate evils and establish humanity. The path of different religions are different but destination is one. "Islam" was in its height during first four centuries. Latter different kings high jacked the religion and experimented it to expand territories. These days few Bhartiye Muslims have gone astray, so Allah has withdrawn his blessing which accounts for pains, struggles and humiliations. After independence Muslims has been used as a tool kit by political parties. 99.9% people living in Bharat have a common "DNA", then why to fight in the name of "Rights" and "Religion"? Fight for your "Duties". The main objective of writing this book is to bring the attentions of people towards this important topic "Who are we?

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Kalim Ullah Kabir

Mr. Kalim Ullah Kabir is a “BHARTIYE MUSLIM”. He is a “multi-talented” specialized Civil Engineer Consultant, Reformer & Thinker. Studying and working in different parts of “BHARAT”, he has acquired rich diversified knowledge and experiences. He has seen richness in diversity of “BHARAT”. The idea for this book came when he continuously saw that in the name of religion many Muslims are experimenting & misusing the word Allah, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Brotherhood, Religion, Sharia law and Indian law only for their benefits. He saw how jealousy and hatred destroys own people. People does all evils hiding from people but they do not think that Allah is watching. Due to these absurdities the author was disappointed and has passed years in depression and finally Allah prompted him to bring a reformation in society. He wants that the root cause of the evils and corruptions shall be eradicated. The author wants real Islam to be followed by all Muslims. Religion is a humanity activities to make a human become man and establish love and peace. The author wants to see “BHARAT” and whole world free from evils and corruptions. All humans shall strive to become a “CONTRIBUTOR” so that love and peace prevails in world.



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