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Why I am a believer in Jesus A Story of a Hindu Devanga Brahmin

by Devaprakash R. Shampur

Format: Paperback

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This book has been written with an intention of making an honest attempt to know the unbiased, universal and Absolute Truth that holds good for all peoples of the world. In doing so, some statements may appear either appealing or repulsive depending on the religious and cultural background of readers! Nevertheless, truth will be known only when other distractions from it are made known without any prejudices even when they sound harsh and offensive! Such statements are meant for introspection by the people concerned for the truth; they are not meant to deride or condemn the beliefs that are held commonly by various communities.

The author is a retired Principal and Professor of Mechanical Engineering having served in a couple of Engineering Colleges in the state of Karnataka. He had his education both in India as well as in U.S.A., with degrees of Master of Engineering from Bangalore University and Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati, USA.  His studies and research in doctoral program in Oregon State University remained inconclusive. He is a life-fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

He has been listed in “Who is Who in the World” published by Marquis, U.S.A., Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge, U.K., and Asia’s “Who is Who.”

He is a freelancer. His letters and opinions have been published in almost all English Dailies (Deccan Herald, Times of India, New Indian Express, Hindu, Vijaya Times, Daily News Analysis, Free Press Journal, and Asian  Age),  weeklies ( India Today, Outlook, Frontline and the Week) and Reader’s Digest including ASME Mechanical Engineering Magazine-- a few of them are accessible online through search engines. His letters have also been published in local dailies in Kannada language.

He is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of ‘Deshana Charitable Trust’ with an object of helping the poor and the indigent, especially in education. He is also involved in social services related to medical help for the poor in his neighborhood.

His book “Wisdom, Human Spirit and Travel” has been published by Notion Press.



Why I am a believer in Jesus





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