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Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga Some Funny Stories & Some Not So Funny

Author Name: Robert "robear" Isenberg | Format: Paperback | Genre : Humor | Other Details

“...Jump in for a series of fine escapes from the pickles that life, at present, delivers. This is one fine attitude adjustment resource!” Grady Harp.

This book has been revised. There are seven additional essays. The author thought that all the essays in the first edition were funny. He has found out that most agreed, but certainly not everyone. Go figure. Robert believes that there is nothing more subjective than humor!

The now deliberately “Not So Funny” stories include:

• “Against All Odds” about two incredibly brave men. They faced the battlefield of life and won. By doing so, they changed America for the better.

• “The Car Ride.” Although he was only five years old, this presents an experience Robert will never forget.

• “Paul’s Special Birthday” is a story about one of Robert’s older siblings. Paul was one of the many unsung heroes of the “Greatest Generation”.

• “Learning How to Just Watch” reflects Robert’s response to one of life’s most difficult moments. He’d appreciate hearing your reaction to this piece. “Father’s Day with My Mother-in-Law” and “Daddy’s Little Girls” are additions to the Family section. Robert hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as he enjoyed writing them.

• “Two Writers Meet, One Speaks” witnesses the magic that allows writers to recognize each other, even without any visible clues.

There is more about Robert’s family in his new book, Wham Bam! NYC in the Roaring Sixties. Watch your fingers. That book is hot!!

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Robert "robear" Isenberg

Robert originally wrote this book to have you smiling and laughing. Mission accomplished. Now he’s added seven stories. Let’s see what you think. Robert can’t wait for the reviews.