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Why Pakistan Constitution Implemented in Bharath?

Author Name: Hari Babu E | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

America, a presidential democracy, is federal because its states are ruled by elected governors, have their own constitutions, and American Congress has no right to alter the names, extent and boundaries of states. The U.K. is a parliamentary democracy with a hereditary king and an elected prime minister. Pakistan is declared to be federal by its constitution, but it does not have federal, unitary or even democratic features in full. Bharath is unitary and republic but not federal. In Bharath, the president is the only elected authority while all others like ministers and governors are only appointed by him, and hence, Bharath is a presidential democracy. Midterm dismissal of legislatures is like murdering of democracy; contained only in Pakistan’s constitution. A multiparty system is not democracy at all since, theoretically, someone may win even with less than 1% of polled and valid votes. Under Pakistan’s constitution, the president has to act according to the advice of the prime minister. I wonder why the same model is followed in Bharath though such provisions are not found under the Bharatheeya constitution. Bharatheeya and the Pakistani people should ponder over why Lok Sabha-elected prime minister (though an unconstitutional method) shall be superior to the president, who is elected by the parliament and the assemblies as well. The first question is why should we ignore our own constitution? 

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Hari Babu E

The author, a practicing chartered accountant at Khammam town of Telangana state, having disgusted over political happenings in the country, sought to find out if the biggest constitution written for the largest democracy by the great patriot, Doyen of Law, Dr. Ambedkar, could allow such things to happen under it. He found that whatever was happening in Bharath was in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan, but not of Bharath. He brings to the notice of the people of Bharath through this book with the fond hope that the country would change.