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Windows 8.1 Professional Vol 2 Explore Window 8.1, Metro Style Apps, Controls, Windows All Apps, Tips & Trick, Registry, Services, Group Policy & More…

by Lalit Mali

Format: Paperback

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Windows 8.1 Professional Volumes 1 and 2 aims to help every Windows’ user to

- Get familiar with Windows 8.1 professional operating system.

- Know everything about new modern Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system.

- Operate all new start screen metro style tile apps and its controls.

- Customize configure system and administrator privileges settings, system services, system tools, PC settings, control panel.

- Get familiar with all kind of apps, Windows 8.1 tips and tricks.

- About windows registry view edit modifies Windows 8.1 registry.

- Explore group policy behavior, view and modify system and user group policy configuration.

- Describes all each and every group policy one by one with detail explanation.

Lalit Kumar Mali has been in the field of Information Technology since 2000. He has done ‘O’ and ‘A’ level M.Sc in computer science and ‘B’ level interim from NIELIT.

With expertise in Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac and Android OS along with C, C++, Java, C#, F#, asp.net, java.net, AWK, Shell, FoxPro and visual basic.net, Lalit Kumar Mali has worked with open source technology for several years in exploring and describing new topics about these technologies. At present, the author is working as a computer instructor and as a stockbroker.



Windows 8.1 Professional Vol 2





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