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Windswept by Love A Story of Colliding Realities

Author Name: Darahas Palakollu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

July 03, 2018. They met for the first time. As life went on, Mumbai witnessed their bond growing day by day. Rainy August evenings and long winter nights stood with them as they would not leave each other at any moment. As autumn left and spring arrived, they would see how they both grew fond of each other. He never even left her for a second as she would make sure that he never left. All those long evenings, he walked with her hands twirled around his arms. The calm breeze in Powai caressed them softly.

When he hugged her, he would find a world that fit into his arms. When she smiled, he looked into her eyes, only to get lost in them. In the fast-paced MBA course, they found peace and solace in each other. She perfected him and completed him in all possible ways. Two dissimilar poles, an extrovert, and an introvert, an exuberant one and a calmer one, met each other complementing and balancing their personalities.

Every day, as he would leave her at the door of her place and walk away, just like every day, he felt the same pounding in his heart, just like every day. At least nine more hours to see her again, and he was walking back to his place to live out that time in eternity and darkness. This repeated every single day involuntarily.

Join their journey, filled with little moments of togetherness, capturing their first moments together, how they grew together, their inner turmoil, and how they loved to be in each other’s company. Witness their memories together in Mumbai and how their relationship evolves. Their first movie together, first photo, visit Marine Drive, stuck in rain moments, long winter nights, and many more await to be unraveled.

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Darahas Palakollu

Darahas Palakollu is a 1997-born, passionate artist who loves writing. Along with his 9 to 5 work as a project manager in a multinational company, he also spends his time writing down his thoughts. Educated in various parts of India, he is a computer science engineer from Amrita University, Kerala. He later decided to do Master’s in International Business with Bocconi University. With a lot of passion and courage, he comes forward with his work, derived from his life experiences. He is always full of surprises. With his interests in philosophy and mythology, he has come up with a love story as his first work. As he draws inspiration from the world around him, he loves to tell a tale in return.