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Word Wizard Vocabulary With Memory Tricks

by Dr. Prasad Raju V.V.N.R Pathapati

Format: Paperback

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  • Over 3000 Words (including related words) with
  • Mnemonic Triggers
  • Learning Memory triggers
  • Sample Sentences
  • Pronunciation Clues
  • Exercises for Quick Retention
  • A vocabulary book for all types of competitive exams
  • Word Power made extraordinarily easy!
  • Professor Dr. Prasad Raju V.V.N.R Pathapati (aka Dr. Raju) received his B.E, M.E, MS, PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Gulbarga, BITS (Pilani), University Of Connecticut (Storrs, US) and Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University (GEC,Raipur-presently NIT, raipur) respectively. Dr. Raju is a well admired Professor & Scientist in the field of theoretical and dynamic modeling of Kinematics, Robotics and Fuel Cells. He published and reviewed several papers in International journals such as ASME (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, US), SAE (Society for Automotive Engineers, Michigan US), Elsevier Science (Renewable Energy), etc. Dr. Raju has also worked as the Director, Principal, Professor, Head of the Department and Visiting Research Scholar in Reputed Engineering Colleges and Universities in India and Abroad. Dr. Raju founded Dr. Raju's Educational Academy in 2006. Out of sheer passion he has developed a unique memory trick based vocabulary teaching methodology with visual aids and is the first one to use more than 3000 cartoons in GRE® Coaching and also the first one to implement visual GRE® in the world. Appreciated both by student and academic communities, he has been relentlessly imparting his knowledge to thousands of students for over a decade now, and who were later guided by him to world renowned institutes like MIT, John Hopkins, U PENN, UCLA, UT Austin, Purdue, PENN State, Cornell etc. He has immense knowledge regarding the wide ranging courses and programs in MS, PhD and MBA offered by different institutions in the US. Dr. Raju's web sites (www.drrajus.com, www.msatus.com, www.drrajus.in) has been accessed by more than 3000 people every day for his guidance in Graduate programs in all branches of engineering, science and business. Dr. Raju's recent books titled GRE Word Wizard and GRE Word List, Vocabulary with Memory Tricks published by Partridge, the Penguin Group has received rave reviews and has become a hot sell both in ePub and Print versions. Students are undoubtedly gaining by reading his books and are excellently performing in GRE tests by begetting a high score.



    Word Wizard Vocabulary With Memory Tricks





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