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World Under Siege The Prediction of Disruption

Author Name: Suhas Inamdar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The American Intelligence Agency (CIA) secretly develops a special server with the help of an Indian IT company, which can anticipate the actions of intelligence units of various nations by using a powerful algorithm. The CIA plans to use it to preempt the cyber-attacks before they are unleashed by the rogue nations.    

However, the Secret Server is stolen in a daring heist while in transit to the US. It is protected by a 32-digit password. Even the most powerful hacking machine would take three months to decode it. 

If it falls in the wrong hands, it could create mayhem in the world. The hunt begins to retrieve the Secret Server and save the world from an impending disaster.  

Would it truly read the minds of the strategists around the world? Who stole the Secret Server? Will it be recovered before the thief cracks its password? 

Time is running out. The world is under siege.

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Suhas Inamdar

Suhas Inamdar is back with his ninth book, this time with a technological fiction thriller. All his earlier books have been widely acclaimed by the readers for spreading messages of positivity and good values. In this book, he explores the consequences of advancement in technology on the personal lives of people and the world in general.  

Suhas Inamdar hails from India and currently lives in Dubai. 

He can be reached at