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Author Name: Harish S. Prabhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The book, “Wow! What a man is, alas!!” is a humble invitation to the readers to the magical world of human psychology comprising the human mind and behaviour, shrouded by mysteries. This book is lucid and straightforward and makes various complex subjects easily understandable, even for a layperson. There are fifty-two chapters, each throwing light on a particular aspect of life. Fascinating and valuable topics, like hormones, dreams, health & nutrition, money, etc., have been elaborately explained from a psychological angle.

The following are some benefits that the reader can expect from this book:

Building a better understanding of the human mind, emotions, and behaviour
Improving the ability to think positively and rationally by changing the thought pattern
Setting goals and deciding in the correct manner
Creating the ability to judge right and wrong people
Overcoming the obstacles and roadblocks in life
Building better relationships
Managing stress
Taking charge of life
Becoming a better person with good virtues, character, and wisdom

Finally, the book aims to assist people in creating a strong and positive mind and in helping them know their true potential and hidden powers so that they can withstand difficult situations and generate game-changing ideas and thoughts for the welfare of everybody, including themselves. All in all, this book will put the reader on a “psychological” roller-coaster ride!

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Harish S. Prabhu

Harish S. Prabhu [MSc (applied psychology), PG Diploma (Guidance & Counselling), Diploma (Food &Nutrition), MBA, CAIIB, MCom, Certified (NLP, CBT, and Dream analyst)]

The author is also a banker, research scholar (psychology), psychologist/counsellor, violinist, marathon runner, songwriter, poet, and caricaturist. He hails from Mangalore, Karnataka (India). He has over fifteen years of experience in banking, besides having around ten years of experience in psychology and counselling. 

As a banker, he has handled various departments, like foreign exchange, retail, investment banking, marketing, etc. He also specialises in psychological counselling for depression, phobias, substance abuse, addiction, PTSD, OCD, relationship management, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he collaborated with various NGOs and other Non-profit organisations to counsel people from pan India to remove the unwanted fear and doubts from their minds.

The techniques majorly used by him are CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Gestalt therapy, and dream analysis, all of which are harmless yet more effective than medicines and other harmful, invasive approaches.

He is also a member of various psychological associations. His articles and papers are regularly published in various psychological journals and magazines worldwide as a research scholar. An avid writer, he regularly contributes to various children’s books, newspapers, and magazines. He is a member of the Screenwriters’ Association (SWA), Mumbai too.

His passion for sports and fitness has motivated him to successfully run over a dozen marathons. Writing poems interests him too.



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