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Yes I am the Creator Manifest your Dream Life

Author Name: Ashish Dwivedi | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Step into a realm where the fabric of the universe bends to your will, unlocking powers within you that transcend the ordinary. "Yes I Am The Creator" invites you on an awe-inspiring journey of transformation, empowering you to manifest your dream life you've always yearned for.

Through these pages, discover the secrets to tapping into your boundless potential and embracing the extraordinary being within. Cast aside societal conditioning and self-limiting beliefs, and elevate your vibrations to new heights. As you delve deep into your essence, a profound metamorphosis awaits.

This isn't your typical self-help book—it's a life-altering literary odyssey. With each revelation, witness the miraculous unfolding of health, wealth, career, and relationships aligning with your cherished dreams.

As you walk the path to success, your unwavering peace will shine as a testament to the wonders you create. This book's impact reaches deep into your soul, etching a lasting imprint. You will embrace your true potential and become the master architect of your reality. With this book, you'll rise as the unstoppable creator of a world that defies imagination. 

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Ashish Dwivedi

Ashish Dwivedi is an esteemed spiritual coach with many years of remarkable experience, drawing from a wealth of wisdom accumulated throughout his journey. Beyond his spiritual pursuits, Ashish has a distinguished background as a senior executive in an elite organization of more than 25 years, combining engineering acumen and an MBA to develop a profound understanding of human nature and personal growth.

Around eight years ago, Ashish embarked on a transformative spiritual odyssey, immersing himself in Vipassana meditation. This practice awakened a yearning for deeper enlightenment, leading him to receive the profound initiation into Kriya Yoga in 2020.

Having witnessed the conscious shaping of his own life, Ashish discovered his true calling—to guide others on the path of self-realization. For the past four years, he has been a beacon of light, mentoring, coaching and helping individuals on spiritual and manifestation journeys, imparting wisdom and tools to turn dreams into reality.

Ashish's joy extends to physical and mental well-being, as he is an avid practitioner of yoga and indulges in marathon running and scuba-diving adventures. His creative pursuits include woodworking, crafting intricate pieces during his leisure time.

Ashish's dedication in helping others culminated in the creation of his remarkable book—a testament to his passion and commitment. Ashish extends his free guidance to the world, offering personalized coaching on spirituality and manifestation through his website,, for  people on transformative journeys towards self-discovery and boundless manifestation.



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