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Yoga Mudras: for Modern Life

Author Name: Shailesh Rathod | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details
This new, definitive, fully illustrated guide to the ancient art of mudras provides a highly practical and inspirational overview of how to use subtle yogic hand gestures to revitalize every aspect of your life..Learners should have the five Ws in their mind: Why, What, When, Where and Who. This is the general philosophy of a person who is keen to learn new things. The same concept is explored in this book. How do Yoga Mudras affect our body? Where and when can we do them? This book answers all such questions. It’s a science and the majority of it has originated from India. Hinduism has shown the earliest recorded knowledge and analysis of the Mudras in different Holy books. This tradition is 5000 years old and this science will create harmony between health and happiness. The book covers different types of functionality, advantages and other important details of Yoga Mudras. This book caters to people of all age groups. Everyone can find detailed and interesting information about use of Mudras from this book. Have a happy and healthy reading (Hope you enjoy reading the book).
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Shailesh Rathod

Shailesh Rathore is known in the literary world by the nickname "Abhidhya", while journalist is known in the world by Shailesh Rathore. He is currently working as a freelance journalist. He is the editor of the 67-year-old Gandhi era's weekly "Innovation". Giving and sitting as a journalist is always their goal - it is their main mission. They have undertaken innovative experiments in education and have written many innovation projects, educational books and honored their educational and social services as best teacher of Gujarat in the year 2018. Is. Born: 1 January 1972 in Takhluss: Abhidhaya Family: Mother-Karunaben, wife-love; Son - Era, Daughter-Seasonal Education: SSC - St. Xavier's High School, Umreth Diploma (Ill.) - B&B Polytechnic, Vidyanagar Occupation: Industry teacher in the department, freelance journalist, activist Omega Education and Founder / Administrator of the Creation Foundation for a positive attitude towards life in the students. Hands expeditions are special about him: he has been a fan of literature since childhood. Despite his passion for literature, he continued the work of creation. He has gifted 37 books in Gujarati literature. His most famous book 'Beauty of the soul' has been the inspiration for maximum Gujarati families. More than 40 thousand copies have been sold. His "Mission" Omega has set up more than 95 centers in the backward areas of Gujarat to provide access to more than 1 lakh 70 thousand students and youth. Computer-internet-office management-spokna Inglis have been trained to develop an understanding of macroeconomics ". Under the responsibility of the 'Arsh Pilot Project' under the Adolescence program created by the Gujarat Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar, he has made significant contributions to the composition of the textbook. He has organized seminars in several institutes of Adolation. In the area which has been in operation for the last 28 years in neglected areas like Khambhat, there has been a significant role in assisting the Checadam construction fight and Silicosis victims. The area has been continuously functioning for roads, salt water and irrigation facilities. Shailesh Rathod, an excellent professor of business and a good person by profession, is the director of the Omega Education, a creative foundation of Gujarat. ”Janit Charitable Trust is a mentor center and a consultant to the People's Training and Research Institute. , The ideal person special and the humans living in the corners