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You Are Hired Proven Steps To Get Your Dream Job

Author Name: Mohammad Ashfak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Most young adults in India have no idea about charting their career. I can say this with 100% confidence. I have trained over 50,000 students in last 7 years as a well-known Motivational Speaker and a Career Coach. I am invited to different colleges across India to train students on ‘how to crack interviews’ and get campus placements. I am spilling the secrets related to cracking interviews, getting hired and most importantly not be afraid of being fired. Getting a pink slip actually makes you appreciate the true potential of your abilities or lack of it. As a coach, I know that educational qualification is just one of the gateways to grab a dream job.

“You can get fired from a job, 

but you cannot get fired from your gift.

So find your gift and you will always have work.”

Take advantage of the amazing journey and experience I have been through to get your dream job.  The book will motivate every student and professional who is struggling to gain stability and better career goals.

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Mohammad Ashfak

MOHAMMAD ASHFAK is a Digital Career Strategist and a Motivational Speaker helping people identify Personal Goals, developing leadership Skills and planning Career Moves.

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