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You Can Excel - Hardcase Master 225+ magic tricks used by the top 1% of Excel® Experts

Author Name: Vivekananda Sinha | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Computers | Other Details

Master 225+ magic tricks used by the top 1% of Excel Experts!

This book is the magic which solves the mystery of Excel differently. The life-changer tricks ease a level of learning and rebuild self in work. A person gets moulded when they lack productivity at work, but this book is the niche to restore power quickly.

Innovative work that makes you smart and reconnects roots with logic in life. Excel skills make an individual proud to communicate brilliantly through their work. Everyone tries to be different from colleagues, and this book creates an essence to spark differently. It may build your productivity manifold to 200% high. The desire to build an empire is only possible when someone makes decisions quickly at the right time. This book generates the confidence to work smoothly and stress-free with data. 

An entrepreneur and a life-changing coach Vivekananda Sinha has mentored more than lac professionals worldwide and now shares the magic of Excel through his book. He has put all the effort from his 17 years of experience, learning and challenges he faced while working with Excel. So we can trust the work and inherent the seed of excellence in our spreadsheets. A zeal for learning and earning will be built within a circle.

We need core mindset development to learn something magical and believe these tricks make you create wonders in your career.

Don’t think much of being a magician in Excel.

Hardcover 1999

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Vivekananda Sinha

The author of this book Vivekananda Sinha has his roots in a very humble background. After finishing his education at a boarding school in West Bengal, he relocated to New Delhi, the capital city of India. As we have heard a lot about the place, the same reflects his skills – versatility and creativity. After spending years in various corporate roles, he established his successful empire.

He is undoubtedly a renowned expert as he has worked with numerous systems with a diverse skill set, including reporting, data analytics, process automation, business intelligence and artificial intelligence – to name a few.

He dedicates himself to comprehending people and vigorously drives them to succeed in their careers. He has impacted not only his own life but also the lives of thousands of people around the world through his life-changing courses and mentorship programs.

Wearing multiple hats, Vivekananda is a husband of a loving wife, Shreyashi, a father of two angels, Shanvi and Vianshi, a futurist, spiritualist, and a YouTuber who has published over 300+ videos.

Being adventurous, he spends time with family, travels to seek new collaborations, stays updated with new technologies, and pursues videography.

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