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YOU & I : Before It's A Sunrise

Author Name: Rohit Dey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The artistic explanation of this story is fastened under the bright shade of "eroticism" that is considered hard to grasp. However, there is a consent need for hardship to relentlessly impale the story with its basic insights, running a butterfly of love and romance throughout the play. Thus, it makes life lighter, more vibrant and more colourful while bringing nuances back from the high immaturity of the darkness of ungainly and unnatural attitudes towards bodily needs and scavenger cravings. A high truth, indeed, fairly, finely, and skilfully wrought out, brightening every step of this story, and crowning this open-ended work of fiction, added to its artistic glory. But this text is never intended to be any truer, as a fact of learning or to appreciate any kind of mischief or unsatisfied behaviour towards anyone or to withstand the dichotomy of social harmony under any given circumstances. This book unquestionably portrays a clear picture of the author's imagination for the purposes of enjoyment, excitement, and fantasy reading, superbly crafted into every page of the story. 

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Rohit Dey

Rohit Dey is an amateur novelist who has written the works "Find Me A Girlfriend," "Just The Touch Of A Coffee Cup," and "I Had A Dream." He earned a bachelor's degree in English literature, a certificate in filmmaking and directing from ICE, Bombay, and a master's degree in English literature and linguistics from the University of Pune, Maharashtra. As a native of the North, he enjoys naps, makes self-proclaimed delicious delicacies and recipes, writes his thoughts into beautiful poetry, etc. Maybe for the last five years, he has been living in the city of Pune.