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You Murdered MY MARRIAGE! Part 1

Author Name: Akshat Pathak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

I existed for you but never lived for you again…

He was desperately tortured day and night this day onwards and saw himself at a place within where only the demons watch the world and dream of ruling it when the fact is every single one of them is supposed to suffer the same fate which is the reciprocated hell all of us tend to avoid. What Ishaan did later was something obnoxious and needed! He tried everything he could but could not let his body be at rest only to realize that his life was meant for something different than the rest. Not something fruitful, not something filled with happiness but something filled with the nausea of vomiting every memory he owned of his bride, in every split second he survived thereby, witnessing the ones he loved leave him at a bay from where God seemed non-existent and love seemed a complete doomed priority. His end was always near and unfortunately never dared to face him for the monster he became within himself if not for others. Love was a mere nausea for him now and he hated it not because he lost in his journey of love but because he always considered himself at fault for everything that happened thereby.. Wish he could change his life but now all that remained was something about which everybody was unaware of except one, one who knew everything but still was helpless to do anything about it!

I am Soumya Jha, Ishaan’s unwanted love...

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Akshat Pathak

Akshat S. Pathak is a 17-year-old, college student who has lived his whole life until now under the pillar of one day becoming the most successful author, poet, and compiler of all time. He ultimately wishes to reach his tremendous destination and he published his first book at the age of 15 which is certainly a really big achievement.

In the future, he wishes to make a change in society through the works he will write and his wish after he dies is to let people remember him by the books he will leave behind because the consequences which he became an author were certainly challenging and he had never imagined that he would become a writer. This pure destiny has made him proud today and all he wants now is the respect he deserves for his hard work throughout his life. He currently resides in the City of Nagpur, India and is currently pursuing higher secondary education at Hislop College of Science, Arts and Commerce. His future ambition is to take up humanities and improve his artistic skills and abilities with it, alongside studying the field of psychology in brief. He aims to become an acclaimed author in the category of literary fiction writing and is striving hard to achieve it...

Conclusively, the last words he would always conclude in his life is that throughout when you truly believe in yourself then things go the way you have always wanted them to..

Born: 17th February 2006




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