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Yours Forever

by Shakti Dabas

Format: Paperback

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Expression of emotions in rhyme and rhythm crosses the barrier of language amongst members of the human race. Yours Forever, a debut poetry collection, is an intriguing voice of the poet that echoes such emotions of love, relations and social issues. Instead of merely reacting to the surroundings, poems in this collection give us a deep insight into the narrative. It touches the dynamics of relations, romance and burning issues of society. The poet has made an honest attempt to bring back those childhood twinkle days love for poetry to the readers.

Shakti Dabas is a budding Gurgaon-based writer, who has worked with various MNCs over the years. Yours Forever is his debut poetry collection. An avid reader and poetry lover, his other interests are sports and theatre. He has played football at national level and has acted in an NCERT show on Doordarshan along with the TV personality, Rajat Tokas. He is currently working on his second collection of poetry.



Yours Forever





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