Alhad Kulkarni

Living in Pune, Alhad Kulkarni is an IT professional in one of the largest banking organizations. His core interests are writing, astronomy, badminton, singing and playing harmonium. He has been writing fiction since childhood and has directed theatrical stage performances. Alhad’s debut novel, The Devil Within has received worldwide appreciation. Swapnapoorti is his second novel and his first published work in Marathi language.Read More...


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Books by आल्हाद कुलकर्णी

१९ वर्षांनंतर स्पृहा पुन्हा नीरजच्या आयुष्यात आली तेव्हा त्यांच्या अपुऱ्या प्रेमाला कशी कलाटणी मिळेल ह्याची दोघांनाही कल्पना नव्हती. गोष्टी सीमेपलीकडे गेल्यावर काय त्यांन

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The Devil Within

Books by Alhad Kulkarni

Andrew Foster is ready to die for the secret that would let his love endure. But is it worth dying for? Or living for?

Life bestows upon Andrew a mind boggling gift he never knew he possessed. A gift that takes him to the heavens and the same gift that endangers his life. The love of his life, Jennifer Miller, inherits the perfect enemy to ravage the gift. Completely unaware of the wrath it manifests to inch Andrew on the brink of death.


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