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The Devil Within

by Alhad Kulkarni

Format: Paperback

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Andrew Foster is ready to die for the secret that would let his love endure. But is it worth dying for? Or living for?

Life bestows upon Andrew a mind boggling gift he never knew he possessed. A gift that takes him to the heavens and the same gift that endangers his life. The love of his life, Jennifer Miller, inherits the perfect enemy to ravage the gift. Completely unaware of the wrath it manifests to inch Andrew on the brink of death.

Determined to fix the near impossible, Andrew plunges into a dark tunnel of astonishing secrets, inconceivable revelations and unravels a shocking mystery hidden for over twenty years. The relentless pursuit finally asks of him the ultimate decision of his lifetime that could either make or break things forever.

From a fairy-tale start to a nail-biting climax, The Devil Within spanning across England, Spain and Goa promises an absorbingly entertaining story.

Alhad Kulkarni was born and brought up in India. A bachelor of engineering (honors) degree from the United Kingdom gave a cutting edge to his profile. He always wanted to do something creative, a work of his imagination. At local levels during his academic career, he wrote and directed plays and wanted to become a creative consultant. He loves playing Badminton and Snooker. He is also a hobbyist astronomer and a member of various astronomy as well as writing groups.

Alhad believes money is earned only to be spent. The real treasures of life lie in accumulating more and more of what you love doing the most. At present, he works for Barclays and lives in Pune, India with his wife Sujata and daughter Avani.

Alhad is a hyper active dreamer and pens down every good dream immediately after waking up, and that, is a major source of inspiration behind his writing fiction.

You can reach him at alhadk@yahoo.com and on Facebook.



The Devil Within





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