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The overexcited youth turns into a gracious man of 23, A Teacher by passion, A Researcher with conception, A Sensei on Substantiation and now, An Author through Notion I love ice-creams and stories, so completed a melting love story for publics to relish in, It melts in love, as always i do..Love is always kind but not all time to me. It was slight & partial all over, more of woe and longing and hatred than anyone knows in a life time. Ashwin, The firmest humanoid with a soul which melts - See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/it-melts-in-love#sthash.grlKuXuq.dpuf


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Books by Ashwin Prakash & Hamsapriya

Hi.... I am Aaric aka Ric and I am in love with this girl, Devadharshani aka Diya. I know it sounds pretty usual, so here comes the part which makes it more exclusive and distinctive – I hear voices in my head, not just one, I hear two voices.

They are inside me, they talk to me, and they know me very well. Sometimes, it’s fun to be with them – they guide me, they understand me – but mostly, they are just eating my head off, and it goes on and

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It melts in love

Books by Ashwin

The boisterous youth turns into a wild lover and husband becomes a father. The Sensei’s combat of life for existence was not just strife. His passion was just love. Everyone do have fantasies everyone fights battle for love some win & some lose and there is Aaron’s love;
an exception from all the notions of relationship. Love is always kind but not all time to him.
It was crisp and zea

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