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1 Coffee 2 Biscuits

Author Name: Ashwin Prakash & Hamsapriya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Hi.... I am Aaric aka Ric and I am in love with this girl, Devadharshani aka Diya. I know it sounds pretty usual, so here comes the part which makes it more exclusive and distinctive – I hear voices in my head, not just one, I hear two voices.

They are inside me, they talk to me, and they know me very well. Sometimes, it’s fun to be with them – they guide me, they understand me – but mostly, they are just eating my head off, and it goes on and on.

I am just getting used to them; wishing you good luck for the same.


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Ashwin Prakash & Hamsapriya

Hamsapriya aka Hamsa is a 52-year-old co-author and content developer.

She is a musician with high grades from Trinity College of London. She primarily focuses on teaching music and taking piano lessons for diverse ages.

She is a spinster who once lived a sheltered and protected life, with a typical south Indian upbringing, with very little to no exposure to the modern vagaries of life. She had been a shy and timid introvert until a few years ago, when music brought immense tranquility, serenity and a sudden boost of confidence and purpose in her life.

‘Romance’ and ‘Humor’ were alien topics to her, hence her first attempt at coauthoring a Rom-Com novel was a tough challenge, but she contributed significantly in all aspects of building the plot and taking it to its very last page.

Ashwin aka Ash or Pappu, 25 years young!

75% man but 25% kid,

50% mathematician and 50% martial artist,

80% friendly but 20% inflexible,

70% organised but 30% clumsy,

50% Tamilan and 50% Mallu,

75% socialist but 25% capitalist

70% veg and 30% non-veg,

80% adventurous but 20% lazy;

On the whole, 100% distinctive.

A research scholar of fuzzy mathematics in Stella Maris. First ever male in a women’s college – a small step for a man, but a giant leap for the male kind. He is a 2nd Dan black belt, national and Asian medallist in karate sparring. He is a sensei loved by all kids.

He likes reading books by Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks and some Indian authors. He is into movies by Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan and many others.