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It melts in love

by Ashwin

Format: Paperback

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The boisterous youth turns into a wild lover and husband becomes a father. The Sensei’s combat of life for existence was not just strife. His passion was just love. Everyone do have fantasies everyone fights battle for love some win & some lose and there is Aaron’s love;
an exception from all the notions of relationship. Love is always kind but not all time to him.
It was crisp and zealous & perfect with him, more of agony and desire tons of laughter & tears
and a love than anyone knows in a life time. A fighter who loves to fight & a lover who fights to love; Aaron, The hardest humanoid with a heart which melts

It melts in love. As every single creation desires to love

The overexcited youth turns into a gracious man of 23, A Teacher by passion, A Researcher with conception, A Sensei on Substantiation and now, An Author through Notion I love ice-creams and stories, so completed a melting love story for publics to relish in, It melts in love, as always i do..Love is always kind but not all time to me. It was slight & partial all over,
more of woe and longing and hatred than anyone knows in a life time. Ashwin, The firmest humanoid with a soul which melts



It melts in love





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